A warm welcome to a website that features the English translation of a two-volume biography—titled Hayat-e-Saeed—which seeks to convey the essence of the life of Doctor Saeed Ahmad Khan Sahib, a former president of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. The original work is by Safia Saeed, that work being the biography in the Urdu language.

The elegantly published, two-volume set in hard-cover is featured in the picture below:


Further background and introductory material on the biography are now to be found in the Foreword by Biographer. Also available on this site at this time are several Photo sections which were first featured in Hayat-e-Saeed—Safia Saeed’s biography of Doctor Saeed Ahmad in the Urdu language. An Afterword by Translator is also being made available. (You are invited to use the links below to view those sections at this time: The Table of Contents for this site is presented below for you to access the links conveniently.)

(Please note that this English translation is currently a DRAFT version.)

Stay tuned: Much more’s forthcoming.


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